What is Information Technology ?

what is information technology

What is Information Technology?

The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) defines Information Technology as “the examination, plan, development, usage, support, or management of PC based information systems, especially programming applications and PC equipment.”

Information, which means the prepared type of crude information, is something which is esteemed highly in this day and age. A man having the correct sort of information and utilizing it at the perfect time, can most likely work ponders. From the charge card numbers which we use for shopping, to the classified financial balance subtle elements, everything is put away as twofold digits in PCs. These points of interest can be utilized or abused relying upon what sort of individuals have approved or unapproved access to it. With its assistance and our expanding reliance on machines, our life has become far less demanding, however, we are more defenseless now than previously.

What is Information Technology?

The term ‘information technology’ (IT) advanced in the 1970s and on the off chance that we consider a medium or substantial organization giving products or administrations, its IT office will be in charge of putting away, securing, handling, recovering, and transmitting the information. IT is a wide and fluctuated part, and is spoken to in some shape in every one of the enterprises. It is a mix of PCs and correspondence technology where IT experts play out an assortment of obligations, extending from development and establishment of utilization to planning complex PC networks and databases. The IT business comprises of PCs, correspondence mediums, peripherals, gadgets related associations, programming, and administrations. Use of IT for the finishing of undertakings in any association accelerates the preparing and information portability and furthermore enhances the unwavering quality and uprightness of information.



Computers are vital so as to store and process information. Contingent upon the size, cost, and handling capacity, PCs are isolated into four classifications. They are centralized computers, supercomputers, minicomputers, and microcomputers (work areas or PCs).

Servers: A server is a blend of equipment and programming, and it gives administrations to the customer PCs. These administrations, by and large, incorporate stockpiling and recovery of information. An independent PC can likewise go about as a server if it’s running a server working framework.

Database Management Systems (DBMS):

Database Management System is essentially an arrangement of programming programs, which deal with the capacity, recovery, and association of the information in a PC. This information is like a database and is made do with the assistance of programming. The DBMS acknowledges demands from the application program and educates the working framework to exchange the proper information. There are different divisions to screen the stream of information, which incorporate System Administrators, IT Managers, Database Administrators, and Chief Information Officers (CIOs).


A PC network is an accumulation of PCs and peripherals associated with each other through different modes. These can be wired or remote. The network enables PCs to speak to each other (share information and assets like printers, scanners, and so on.).

Network Security and Cryptography:

Network security is a standout amongst its most imperative parts. It comprises the considerable number of arrangements made in a basic PC network, to counteract unapproved utilization of information. It likewise incorporates actualizing the approaches received by the legislature and the applicable digital laws. It is additionally useful in giving protection from PC hacking at the digital limits of an association.

The cost of transmitting information has fallen significantly, and as indicated by an investigation, the cost of exchange of one trillion bits from Boston to Los Angeles has descended from an astounding USD 150,000 of every 1970 to only 12 pennies today. With the assistance of Internet technology, messaging a record of 40 pages from Chile to Kenya costs under 10 pennies, which is nothing when contrasted with the faxing cost of USD 10 or sending it by courier for USD 50. Subsequently, it very well may be plainly observed that there are numerous advantages to IT, and it has radically diminished the cost of information exchange. It has likewise expanded the effectiveness of workers in all associations, enabling them to center around center abilities instead of the innovative issues.

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