Three-eyed snake found on roadside in Australia

Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife found the reptile, affectionately named Monty Python, on the Arnhem Highway close to the community of Humpty Doo.

Sharing the snaps on their Facebook page, they stated: “The three-peered toward snake cautions The Dry is coming!”

Officers state the snake estimated around 40cm and was an adolescent.


X-beams of the snake were taken and uncovered it had one skull, and not two heads produced together as was at first suspected.

Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife stated: “It was commonly concurred that the eye likely grown in all respects ahead of schedule amid the embryonic phase of advancement. It is amazingly far-fetched this is from ecological factors and is in all likelihood a characteristic event as deformed reptiles are generally normal.”

Neighborhood media in Australia announced that the snake was found in March, and following three weeks in bondage it passed away.

It is thought the snake’s extra eye implied it was attempting to eat, and therefore it ended up malnourished.

The photographs have been shared in excess of multiple times on Facebook, and drawn a huge number of confounded remarks.

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