Russian Artist Sculpts Clay Busts Of 4 Characters From Game Of Thrones

The finale of the “Round of Thrones” is practically around the bend and keeping in mind that there are blended emotions in regards to the eighth and last period of the show, its overall achievement keeps on motivating craftsmen of various foundations. Such is the situation of stone carver Alexey Vikulov.

Situated in Moscow, Alexey is an expert stone carver who moved on from the Moscow School of Academic Art. He communicates his gifts in chiseling through bronze, stone, wood and particularly earth.

In the previous couple of weeks, Alexey has cut a portion of the Game of Thrones characters. He generally makes relating timelapse recordings that archive demonstrating of wonderfully sensible busts well ordered.

Look down and see with your own eyes!

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)


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