People Who Named Their Kids After Dany And Khaleesi Respond To The Latest Episode

Now and then, a blockbuster or a madly famous TV show comes up and individuals end up bringing forth Katnisses (from Hunger Games), Jacobs and Isabellas (anybody out there who still recollects Twilight?..) Eight years back, the world’s first non-anecdotal Khaleesis were conceived. Quick forward to today, only one out of every odd parent that named their children that are content with their decisions. Regardless of in case you’re an aficionado of the mainstream HBO arrangement or not, you presumably couldn’t get away from the rage around Game Of Thrones Season 8 – particularly its most recent scene called ‘The Bells’. Indeed, the chimes are presumably calling for name changes all over the nation. Individuals are not excessively content with how their once adored anecdotal ruler ended up being. Will it be an exercise to individuals not to admire anecdotal characters to the moment that you begin naming your children after them?..

More than 4,500 babies were named after GoT characters in 2018

As per the US Social Security Administration, out of those 4,500, 560 were named Khaleesi (“Queen” in Dothraki anecdotal language) and 163 were named Daenerys. Up until Sunday when HBO publicized the most recent scene “The Bells”, these names represented fearless, autonomous, and reasonable ruler. Today? Indeed, not really. The individuals who have viewed the scene saw Daenerys turning into the Mad Queen and burning the guiltless residents of King’s Landing.


Today, some parents who named their babies Khaleesi or Daenerys are not that happy about their choices

A mother of a 6-year-old Khalessi (incorrectly spelled intentionally) as of late told the media: “I’m somewhat in stun. That was not cool. I unquestionably don’t care for the result of what she [Khaleesi] speaks to. So it’s sort of clashing at the present time.” Although, it must be referenced that not every person feels along these lines. “I have no second thoughts by any means!” a mother of a 14-month-old Daenerys uncovered to the media. She included that while she isn’t a fanatic of how the Mother of Dragons’ story is turning out, she’s not walking out on the Queen. Another mother of Daenerys said that she doesn’t feel that the difference in plot decreases the significance of the character on the show: “I’m similar to, I don’t feel anything unique. Dislike she did it simply ’cause. In the event that you watch the show, she had each right.” Guess we’ll simply need to sit back and watch what number of Daenerys’ and Khaleesis will be recording archives for a name change once they turn 18.

Right after Sunday’s episode aired, Twitter was mocking people who named their kids after the Mother of Dragons


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