NASA is paying $18,000 individuals a huge amount of cash just to lay in bed for 70 days

The monotonous routine can begin to wear on even the most persevering individuals and when we start to dismiss the significance of unwinding, this can be risky. Who hates a decent out-dated languid three day weekend from time to time, am I right or am I right?

Laying in bed and viewing your preferred motion pictures and network shows throughout the day can be a ton of fun and keeping in mind that getting paid to do only that may appear to be a pipe dream, the great individuals at NASA are eager to finance these fantasies for you. Do you want to deal with it for two months in a row, however?

NASA expected to pay individuals to remain in bed for 70 days, as they were required for an examination venture where the data would be utilized to streamline later space travel. Individuals got up to $18,000 for their commitment and we wind up inclination truly desirous of them.


All they needed to do was stay in their bed for the whole of the day and do nothing by any means, a truly sweet gig in the event that we do say so ourselves. Be that as it may, these individuals were not given particularly protection, as NASA required access to a few distinct people on the double for their analysis.

Amid the initial couple of long stretches of the test, they were permitted to move about, while they were restricted to the bed for the last piece of the activity. Workstations had the option to be utilized to stay in contact with friends and family and this testing filled in as a profitable manner to support future space explorers.

This is certainly not going to finish up on any most noticeably terrible activity list at any point in the near future, that much is without a doubt. On the off chance that you wound up chuckling at this mind blowing story as much as we took, opportunity to impart it to your companions and friends and family as quickly as time permits.

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