Golden toilet by Cattelan to be installed at Blenheim Palace

A 18-karat gold, completely operational latrine is to be introduced at Blenheim Palace and individuals from the open will almost certainly use it.

By Andy Hayes, news correspondent

A royal residence is a fitting spot for an honored position, and there will before long be a gold one at Blenheim Palace.

A 18-karat gold, completely working latrine is to be introduced this fall, and guests needing a solace break will almost certainly use it.

Made by craftsman Maurizio Cattelan in 2016, it will be inverse the room where Winston Churchill was conceived.

Donald Trump was offered it in the wake of being told he couldn’t acquire a delicate Van Gogh to hang in the White House

Author of the Blenheim Art Foundation, Edward Spencer-Churchill, said it would be an oddity – notwithstanding for him.

“Regardless of being brought into the world already spoiled out of my mind, I have never had a s***on a brilliant latrine,” he disclosed to The Guardian.

“It will be an introduced, working, usable can,” he included.

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