Brad Pitt: The Reason He Hasn’t Dated Since Angelina Jolie Split and Loves Having Female Friends

It’s been almost a long time since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separated, so for what reason hasn’t he truly begun dating once more? We’ve EXCLUSIVELY realized why Brad has remained single, and what Lena Dunham has to do with it.

The last time Brad Pitt, 55, drew near to a lady, it was when Lena Dunham cuddled up near him amid her 33rd birthday party. It’s been just about a long time since the Se7en star and Angelina Jolie, 43, split, and keeping in mind that there have been a couple of bits of gossip, all over, of potential sentiment, it hasn’t generally worked out. “Brad has not so much been dating much at all since his split with Angelina,” a source near Brad shares EXCLUSIVELY with “He doesn’t have any sentimental dates over to his home that he imparted to Angelina and the children, and he is far from beginning to look all starry eyed at once more.”

“Brad is well disposed with a lot of ladies all through the film business,” the insider tells “In any case, he enjoys a lot of non-romantic associations with loads of individuals, including Lena Dunham, who is only a companion, not all that much.” When Brad decides to be “more than companions” with a lady, the source says he won’t open up to the world about the news “or acquaint the children with [her] until he is in a genuine relationship, which hasn’t occurred for him right now. Furthermore, he is in no surge either. He is getting a charge out of life, concentrating on being a decent dad, and taking a shot at his profession as opposed to stressing over on the off chance that he will ever experience passionate feelings for again.”

In the years since Angie sought legal separation, Brad’s been the subject of some unfathomable sentiment gossipy tidbits. He was connected to Neri Oxman, an educator at MIT, just as Charlize Theron. Charlize squashed the gossipy tidbits that she fought with Angie, while additionally closing down the reports that she and Brad dated after the split. “We truly don’t have any acquaintance with one another, we’re not companions or hang out. However, she’s never been only generous and stunning and warm,” she said amid the May 2 scene of Watch What Happens Live, months after the underlying reports of the Brad-Charlize sentiment.

Brad’s by all account not the only one who’s grasping the single life following his split. Angelina, after she had the “Pitt” legitimately expelled from her name in April 2019, understood “this is the finish of a major and significant piece of her life,” a source near the Maleficent on-screen character EXCLUSIVELY told “The separation and name change has been a difficult encounter which has made her inquiry whether she will ever get hitched or take on another person’s name until kingdom come.”

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